Tips for a Dazzling Holiday Table

From the Designers at Dreamhouse Studios  |  Photography by Geoffrey Hodgdon


1. Candles:
Nothing brings out the festive look of a holiday setting better than the soft, elegant flicker of candlelight. Add some character to your table by mixing styles or trying out candles with different heights. Be sure to choose unscented candles to avoid clashing with the food.

2. Centerpiece:
Keep it low so you can enjoy your guests. Create your own holiday palette using hues already incorporated into your décor.

3. Table Runner:
A white tablecloth is always classic, but you can add a layer of colour and dimension to your table setting by choosing a runner cloth in a contrasting tone or design.

4. Name Cards:
Handmade place cards at each setting cost little but make guests feel special. They are also a great way to create more pattern at the table. For Thanksgiving, you could wrap a special dessert for each guest and on Christmas an ornament.



Happy Holidays from all of us at Annapolis Home Magazine!




Dreamhouse Studios, table top design

Michael Designs Florist, floral arrangement




Annapolis Home Magazine
Vol. 8, No. 6 2017