Color Is Back


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Color Is Back

By Wesley Thompson  |  Photography courtesy of Simply Wesley

Yes, color is back! The trend for a few years has been a palette of soft grays and neutrals. Although neutrals are timeless and beautiful, people are no longer afraid to mix-in bold colors such as oranges, yellows, and various shades of blue. Jewel tones like emerald green and ruby red are adorning spaces as well. Balance is important. The family room pictured here with the animal artwork is filled with color and texture yet still balanced by neutrals.

Standard operating procedure for years has been to paint walls a color and the ceiling white to make a space feel larger and brighter. But, in fact, a room can feel more expansive when the ceiling is painted a color. The key is to make sure the room has adequate light and that the walls are a light hue. One of my favorite off-whites for walls is Benjamin Moore’s “Bone White” PM-30. The blue ceiling shown here with the Sputnik light is “Bosporus” Sherwin Williams 6503 On you can view rooms with ceilings in just about every color. I use this as a visual resource for clients all the time. Trends come and go and usually circle back again. Make the most of the moment and have fun with color in your fabrics and paint!


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Above photo: The family room with animal prints is composed of playful geometric forms, oranges, browns, blacks, and whites.



The blue ceiling color in the living room with Sputnik light is “Bosporus” Sherwin Williams 6503.



One of Wesley’s personal favorites is Sherwin Williams “Espalier” SW6734. In her words, “It is a rich, mature, gorgeous green!” The color appears on this chest she recently installed in a living room.


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