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Through its advertisements, Annapolis Home strives to showcase businesses that possess a strong commitment to high standards of professional integrity and customer service. We seek advertisers who share our business philosophy.  For advertising inquiries, please contact Robert Haywood, Publisher, at or call 443.942.3927


Common Questions

Who reads Annapolis Home?

Annapolis Home Magazine is direct-mailed to high-income homeowners throughout primarily Anne Arundel, Talbot and Queen Anne's Counties.   The magazine is also distributed to doctors’ offices, real estate offices, salons, and many other businesses.   The magazine is also available on-line, thus expanding its readership further.   The typical reader of Annapolis Home includes those most likely to hire a professional designer, architect, custom builder, landscaper, financial manager, personal trainer, as well as to eat in fine restaurants, travel the world,  and purchase luxury items such as fine jewelery, cars, and yachts.


Why advertise in a print magazine?

Studies show that advertising in a print magazine helps a business--more than any other form of advertising--build trust and loyalty among its clients.   Advertising in Annapolis Home ensures that a business keeps its brand in front of this affluent market and allows a business to expand its potential customer base.


How much should I expect to spend on advertising?

The typical small business in the area spends annually about $3,000 to over $25,000 on advertising per print magazine (i.e., direct mailed), devoting 2-6% of its annual budget to advertising.     Though print and direct-mailed magazine advertising is perhaps more expensive than other forms of advertising such as the internet, it is far more effective in building and strengthening a business's brand.   Advertising in multiple platforms, print and on-line, is often necessary for a business to thrive today.


What do I most need to consider when deciding where to advertise?

The number one issue to consider:   Does the magazine's target readership reach the clients a business is seeking?   Other important questions to ask:   How is the magazine distributed and to whom?   How many are direct-mailed? Does the quality of the magazine reflect the quality of your business?   Does the magazine have a track-record of stability and success?


If I advertise in Annapolis Home, will my projects also be published in the magazine?

Advertising and editorial are separate departments.    As is common practice in the professional publishing world with high journalistic standards, there is no promise that a business will have a project published because they advertise.   This is critical to the magazine's integrity, which ultimately is critical to an advertiser's integrity, too.   In the case of Annapolis Home, many of the advertisers represent the top design professionals in the field so there are at times advertisers whose design work is also featured as editorial.    In such a case, the editorial staff of Annapolis Home writes the story and controls the content.      There are no paid stories by an advertiser unless they are clearly marked as a "special promotion" or "advertorial".


Our Advertisers Have Success!

"I wanted to write and let you know that we are very happy with the business generated from the Annapolis Home Magazine. One main benefit is that we have won business in several new neighborhoods in and around Annapolis and that creates many new opportunities for us to generate referrals. Also, we feel the quality of the magazine and the ads reflect the image of our company. And it has been a pleasure doing business with you and your staff."

Matt Ciminelli


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