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Annapolis Home is a luxury magazine that explores the dynamic home scene in greater metropolitan Annapolis, Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore while showcasing the latest designs in landscaping, architecture, remodeling, and interior design. The magazine is unique in that it also investigates the garage as both a functional and creative space and the dock as integral to Chesapeake Bay living.

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  • Picks for July & August 2014

    Robert's Picks 1.  If you don’t know Jeff Koons, you should because he is one of the most successful American artists of all time. He is loved and hated by art critics, while his art appears in the major museums and private collections throughout the world. Although his art seems straightforward enough—Hoover vacuum cleaners stored in Plexiglas containers, with florescent lights—it is more complex than it initially appears. He wryly monumentalizes the sentiments, fascinations, and.
  • Spirit of the Shore

    By Kymberly Taylor  |  Photography by David Burroughs To outsiders, the Eastern Shore reveals itself slowly. Some miss it entirely. Far too often, the uneducated zoom by on their way to the ocean, trying to avoid police lurking at Dairy Queen with radar guns. Most folks who live on the Shore are fine with that. They exude the air of knowing things you don’t: where the soft crabs nestle, how to stock a freezer full.
  • An Architectural Jewel Box

    By Tom Levine  |  Photography by Julia Heine When Architect Mark McInturff set out to design his own weekend house on the Eastern Shore, he faced a host of problems. If good architects do nothing else, they solve problems. And McInturff is a very good architect. He founded his Bethesda firm McInturff Architects over thirty years ago and has always maintained his devotion to Modernism. When you are an architect designing your own house, you.
  • The Mary Garden

    Rosary, from the Latin rosarium, means “garden of roses.” According to legend, in an apparition, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, said that each bead on the rosary is a rose, and, when someone completes a rosary, they are giving her a crown of roses. The rosary is used to recite many prayers, including the powerful Catholic prayer, the Hail Mary. Through this prayer, one may ask the Blessed Mother to speak directly to Jesus for.
  • Inspired Design at Blackwall Hitch

    Straight Up on Dining Out Inspired Design at Blackwall Hitch Story by Christine Fillat   |  Photography courtesy of Blackwall Hitch There is a natural flow from the city dock in Annapolis across the bridge into Eastport and to the chrome-yellow doors of Blackwall Hitch, Annapolis’s newest restaurant. Its owners’ names are familiar to locals: Anne Arundel Councilman Derek Fink, restaurateur James King, Larry Ray of Big Vanilla Athletic Club, and State Delegate Steve Schuh.
  • Rule-Breaker

    Rule-Breaker By Tom Levine So, what do you do when you tire of kitchens that, in designer Sophie Prévost’s words, “take themselves so seriously”? How do you make it fresh and crisp? Prévost and her partner, architect Robert Cole, are the principals and founders of ColePrévost, a Washington DC architecture and design firm. Their solution? Design a kitchen to include the things they love: the geometry of planes and linearity, original art, orderliness, space that invites.
  • Feng Shui in the Garden

      Feng Shui in the Garden By Grace Schneider Feng shui is the Chinese art of placing elements within a house or garden to achieve positive energy, drawing prosperity, health, and well being. The word feng literally means “wind” and the word shui means “water.” The five basic elements of feng shui, in order, are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. The idea of feng shui is to arrange these elements to raise the level of.
  • Get Ripped at Home

      We all know we need to exercise regularly. Exercise relieves stress, helps with sleep, and improves cardiovascular health and overall quality of life. We’ve all heard how exercise increases endorphins, brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters that act as natural mood enhancers. As we age, exercise becomes even more critical to enhance circulation, prevent weight gain, strengthen our skeletal system, and decrease risk of disease. We know these things. The challenge is finding the time.
  • Picks for March & April 2014

    Robert's Picks 1.  Garry Winogrand (1928–1984) is renowned for his photographs of street life in mid-century America. In the first retrospective of his work in twenty-five years, there are roughly one hundred and sixty photographs in the exhibition including never-before-seen prints. Winogrand’s photographs are often infused with an uncertainty and tension that make them an especially captivating representation of urban American culture. Co-organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery.
  • In the Kitchen: Wonderful Wild Waterfowl

    In the Kitchen with Taryn Chase Grilled Duck Breast Story & Photography by Christine Fillat Lucky be the Marylander who lives on the water. It is possible to sustain yourself on what you can pluck from the water or shoot out of the sky. Teens Ryker and Finn Chase have been trained by their father, John, in the art of hunting. They tend trotlines and sluff crabs in the summer and shoot waterfowl in the.

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