A Breeze Blows Through It
Architect: McInturff Architects
Builder: ThinkMakeBuild
Landscape: McHale Landscape Design
Photography by Julia Heine
Remodel on the Bay
Builder: Creative Spaces Remodeling
Photography by Geoffrey Hodgdon
Repurposing with Design
Architect: Hansen Architects
Photography by Lenny Kagan
Design Talk: Framing the View
Photograph by David Burroughs
The Preservation of Spa Creek:
Small Changes, Large Impacts

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Annapolis Home is a luxury magazine that explores the dynamic home scene in greater metropolitan Annapolis, Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore while showcasing the latest designs in landscaping, architecture, remodeling, and interior design. The magazine is unique in that it also investigates the garage as both a functional and creative space and the dock as integral to Chesapeake Bay living.

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  • Robert’s Picks | July/August 2017

    Photo Credit: Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), fabric design.   1. Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most radically inventive and thoughtful architects in American history, striving for an unpretentious architecture harmonious with the natural world. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Wright’s birth on June 8, 1867, the Museum of Modern Art in New York is hosting Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive, a major exhibition comprised of roughly 450.
  • A Breeze Blows Through It

    By Kymberly Taylor  |  Photography by Julia Heine The home, hidden in a forest on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, has a glass façade and floating horizontal roof lines grounded by two stone columns. The structure gives the impression of gliding forward, with a design that interacts with nature’s rhythms while harnessing its energies. “If this house had a language it would be one of adaptation,” says architect Mark McInturff, FAIA. He explains that the.
  • Repurposing with Design

    The Kagan Law Group Transforms a Corner on West Street By Robert Haywood |  Photography by Lenny Kagan   Commercial architecture plays a major role in defining the aesthetic of a city.  Such structures can be thrown together and crass, giving a city a lifeless quality. Or, well-designed and constructed, making a city appear as a place where thoughtful people live and work. BEFORE The new offices of Kagan Law Group on West Street adds.
  • Remodel on the Bay

    A Tiny Cottage in Shady Side Remodeled for Big Views By Sarah Hagerty  |  Photography by Geoffrey Hodgdon   BEFORE Debbie wanted to find a weekend home on the water where she and her children, her grandchildren, and their collective dogs could make a home full of happiness. She had recently lost her husband. It had been sudden and was a difficult time for the whole family. They needed something new . . . and.
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    Design Talk: Framing the View

    By Sarah Hagerty  |  Photography by David Burroughs   Our expert panel shares their window wisdom to achieve the perfect waterfront vista.   “An architect, a builder and a window supplier walked into a waterfront home…” No, there’s no joke. There’s no punchline. But there is a helpful punch list of things to know and look for when you are designing or replacing this critical component for happy waterway living. Local architect Cathy Purple Cherry.
  • The Preservation of Spa Creek: Small Changes, Large Impacts

    By Kevin Campion In the previous two publications of Annapolis Home, we established a geological and cultural baseline of history for the Chesapeake Bay. We framed an argument for the need to increase its protection and preservation. Centering this argument is a crucial fact: The Bay is uniquely fragile. Its shallow waters and the creatures living within are influenced by flows, temperatures, tides, pollution, chemical discharge, overfishing, and much more. Each of us has a.
  • Robert’s Picks | May/June 2017

      1. It’s a good idea to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are to have the Chesapeake Bay as the defining feature of Greater Annapolis and to have Washington, DC nearby, with all of its extraordinary art and cultural programs. One great event that takes place in D.C. over this summer is the Smithsonian Institution’s Folklife Festival. Each year the festival offers cultural heritage programs, with this year’s themes being “Circus Arts” and “On.
  • High Fashion and Kitchen Design

    A Study in Inspiration By Tom Levine   Richard Anuszkiewicz, executive director of the casework division for Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects, had a golden opportunity. American Standard, a luxury kitchen and bath products firm, offered him the rare task of designing a showcase kitchen inspired by America’s “golden era,” the period in the 1920s and 1930s when Art Deco flourished. DXV, American Standard’s luxury design division, gave Anuszkiewicz almost complete carte blanche, which is rare.
  • Coastal Revival

    The Co-Owners of Bridges Restaurant Update Their Interior By Carol Sorgen  |  Photography by Geoffrey Hodgdon   Paying attention to detail is the name of the game for these Stevensville homeowners who want a welcoming retreat not only for themselves but also for their grown children, grandchildren and the many friends they love to entertain throughout the year. It’s the same attention to detail they pay as co-owners of Bridges Restaurant on Kent Island, whether.
  • Xquisite X5 Catamaran

    Best Innovative Sailboat 2017 By Robert Haywood Ready to single-hand this beautiful boat? Monitor your gas and water tanks and wiring systems under sail? Both are possible with Xquisite X5 Catamaran. The X5 won Cruising World’s Most Innovative Sailboat 2017 Award. It also won Sail’s Best Multi-Hull over 50 Feet Award for its construction and beautifully engineered digital switching system. The South African–made Xquisite, which costs about $1.2 million, has a streamlined digital switching, or.

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