Coastal Calm on the Eastern Shore
Interior Design: Erin Paige Pitts Interiors
Photograph by Geoffrey Hodgdon
Artful Addition on Gibson Island:
A Grand Era Re-created
Custom Builder: Lynbrook of Annapolis
Photograph by Jennifer Hughes
Hi-Tech Renovation in Annapolis
Kitchen Design: Kenwood Kitchens
Photograph by Alan Gilbert
An Estuary Like No Other:
The Chesapeake Bay

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Annapolis Home is a luxury magazine that explores the dynamic home scene in greater metropolitan Annapolis, Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore while showcasing the latest designs in landscaping, architecture, remodeling, and interior design. The magazine is unique in that it also investigates the garage as both a functional and creative space and the dock as integral to Chesapeake Bay living.

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  • Robert’s Picks | March/April 2017

      1. The Whitney Biennial prides itself on being the longest running survey of contemporary art in the United States. I have been going to the Biennial for more than 25 years. You can expect to see work by emerging artists you have never heard of before, and others that have an established reputation. Some of the new art proves to be long-lasting; some is a provocative flash-in-the pan. But it is always a great way.
  • Coastal Calm on the Eastern Shore

    By Carol Sorgen  |  Photography by Geoffrey Hodgdon   When Mario and Katarina Todorov hired interior designer Erin Paige Pitts to renovate and design their Salisbury, Maryland, home, they had every intention of staying there forever. Midway through the project, however, they called Pitts and put the project on hold. It turned out that their dream house wasn’t in their dream location. So the couple, both physicians at Peninsula Regional Medical Center, started anew, and.
  • Artful Addition on Gibson Island: A Grand Era Re-created

    By Charlotte Safavi  |  Interior photography by Jennifer Hughes Exterior photography by Pete Albert   Gibson Island, one of the Chesapeake Bay’s crown jewels, remains an almost perfect model of the early-twentieth century planned recreational community.  It was designed in the 1920s by the renowned Olmsted Brothers, who also participated in the 1906 re-design of Washington, D.C. and, closer to home, the Wardour section of Annapolis. Their father was the eminent landscape architect Frederick Law.
  • Hi-Tech Renovation in Annapolis

    By Sarah Hagerty  |  Photography by Alan Gilbert   It is difficult to imagine this sun-drenched kitchen as it once was—dingy, cluttered and with only a single window over the sink. Needless to say, the sparkling waterfront Annapolis location was wasted. When Celeste and Mark Streger (Rockville residents and avid sailors) first saw the home during an open house in 2015, even they had doubts about the neglected, early eighties house. But it was such.
  • Venezuelan Culinary Artistry: Alma Cocina Latina

    By Christine Fillat  |  Photography courtesy of Alma Cocina Latina   Alma Cocina Latina, in Baltimore’s Canton neighborhood, is a chic urban restaurant, serving sophisticated Venezuelan fare. When our group of three swelled to nine with my husband’s happy hour cronies, a brief moment of mayhem ensued. Most of our party had no clue what to expect of the cuisine and the menu contained such unfamiliar dishes that we did what we have often done.
  • An Estuary Like No Other: The Chesapeake Bay

    By Kevin Campion   Why is the preservation of the Chesapeake Bay so challenging? The health of the Chesapeake Bay gets a low grade every year. In fact, conditions seem to be worsening. What makes preservation of the Bay environment so challenging? What more can we do about it? When answering these questions we must appreciate the Bay as a unique estuary with topographical and aquatic characteristics unlike any other. An estuary is unlike all.
  • Annapolis Home Fine Design and Custom Building Awards 2016-2017

      THE JUDGES Steve Ziger, AIA Steve Ziger, AIA, a founding partner of Ziger/Snead Architects, has extensive experience with planning, institutional, cultural, educational, religious and historic renovation/reuse projects. As principal in charge of design, Steve is responsible for maintaining design excellence for the firm’s projects.  Among his major projects are the Brown Center at the Maryland Institute College of Art, the Baltimore Design School, Parks and People Foundation’s One Park Master Plan, and recent renovations.
  • Mathematical Beauty

    TRIPLE GRAND PRIZE  |  Waterfront Architecture: Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects, Custom Building: Pyramid Builders, Large Kitchen: Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects By Kymberly Taylor |  Photography by David Burroughs   Mathematicians find beauty, even eloquence, in certain equations such as Albert Einstein’s E = mc2 that with poetic brevity equates energy with mass. Philosopher and theoretician Bertrand Russell goes as far as to say: “Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty—” To architect.
  • Combining Contemporary Flair With Timeless Design

    GRAND PRIZE  |  Custom Building: Lynbrook of Annapolis By Carol Sorgen |  Photography by Pete Albert   Situated on historic Eastern Shore farmland, our award winner for Custom Building is this guest “barn” built by Lynbrook of Annapolis. “The story line the homeowners wanted to convey is that these guest quarters were added to an existing barn,” says Lynbrook president Raymond Gauthier. “They wanted a house that not only utilized the farm’s prime location but.
  • Aqua Terra

    TRIPLE GRAND PRIZE  |  Architecture: Purple Cherry Architects, Custom Building: Pyramid Builders, Hardscape Craftsmanship: Walnut Hill Landscape Company By Robert Haywood  |  Photography by David Burroughs   When I visited Dr. Wayne and Lori Anderson at their home, I observed on his office table a large book on Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece, Fallingwater (1936–39). Wright designed a home that is at once distinct from nature in its strong geometrical forms and at one with.

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